The Police Business

Everybody has a stake in the police business. Yes, everybody including you. Most of us see law enforcement as us and them. Yes, there is the official law enforcement community at various levels: city police, sheriff, state troopers, game wardens, National Guard, the military and the list continues. Yet, peacekeeping is everybody’s business; mine and … Continue reading "The Police Business"

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

Old things: old coins, old furniture, old thunderbirds and corvettes, old churches, old people, old preachers, old songs, old doctrines. What about libraries and museums which are full of old books, microfilm and other historical artifacts? Is a Holocaust museum important? Should we revise our Constitution and our history textbooks? Is the Constitution an evolving … Continue reading "Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother"

We Are Ambassadors, Not Survivalists

Ambassador! What’s that? “An official of highest rank sent to represent his government in a foreign country. Any person sent as a representative or messenger.” (Webster). A survivalist! A person with a very different mindset! The central idea is survival, continuing to exist. We’re all familiar with the new wave of Survivor television shows. Be the … Continue reading "We Are Ambassadors, Not Survivalists"