Thanks for visiting the Lester Hutson Ministries website! Hopefully you will find information here that will be of benefit to you.

I was a pastor for more than 52 years. Forty-five of those years were in full-time vocational ministry. It was my joy to serve as Senior Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Houston, Texas for 33 years. I have preached revivals, conferences and seminars in many states and foreign countries.

This website will tell you who I am, where I’ve been and give you the desire of my heart to be a good minister of Jesus Christ. Books and CDs have grown out the ministry that God has given me and you can find out how to order them. A main objective of my post-pastorate years is the development of many more Christian books and preaching/teaching resources. I am working on them and they will be posted as they are completed.

Basic Bible Truths is one of my ministry tools which has blessed thousands. Because of its versatility I call it my spiritual crescent wrench. It is a tried and proven, systematic means of presenting the gospel of Christ in a one-on-one environment. Hundreds of pastors and missionaries have found it to be remarkably effective in penetrating hard-to-reach, skeptical people. I encourage you to visit the section of this website that gives details. This tool can help you become a soul-winner just as it has many others.

My goal is to edify, strengthen and equip God’s people by offering both written and recorded resources. I would be delighted to help you and your ministry in any way possible. I preach revivals, teach conferences and lead seminars on many subjects ranging from The History of Churches to Christian Family Principles. I am committed to biblical, expository preaching and teaching.