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The heart of Dr. David Gibbs, Jr. is to help churches, pastors and individual Christians who face legal resistance or attack for practicing what the Bible teaches. Dr. Gibbs and the team of legal missionaries who constitute the Christian Law Association emphasize prevention. Preventing legal trouble is far superior to getting out of it. Many simple and inexpensive steps can be taken by pastors and churches to both reduce the risk of a legal attack and provide a defense should an attack come.

I can greatly help a pastor and church. I am not an attorney however I served from 1964 through 2009 as senior pastor of two churches and am quite familiar with church issues and vulnerabilities. My presentations help churches and pastors become aware of areas of weakness. More importantly they acquaint God’s people with how to legally fortify themselves. CLA knows the areas of greatest vulnerability and has many, many resources that can help.

Pastor, you would do well to schedule a CLA representation. It could save you enormous grief and money. In the eyes of the courts ignorance of the law is no excuse. After attending a CLA seminar one pastor recently said to me, “Before noon, I was aware that I was guilty of six felonies.” I fear that many pastors and churches have no realistic grasp of what it is like to be caught up in a law suit especially in one where the church did little in taking proactive steps to fortify its self. One Sunday in your church could mark a turning-point that might very well save your church and your ministry.


Normally I am at a church for either the A.M. or the P.M. service. Many pastors schedule me for both services.

Ideally I am given the Sunday school time to present CLA and legal issues to a combined adult/high school assembly. In the worship service I preach a message on America and how God’s people are to respond to perilous times. When I am in a church for only a Sunday night or Wednesday night service, I combine the two. To insure that key children’s workers and staff members hear the CLA prevention message, some pastors have asked me to come for a Saturday night session, often in a banquet setting.

I have two main objectives: (1) I want to present a clear picture of the ministry of CLA and the need that churches have for it. (2) I also want to open the eyes of God’s people to the perilous times facing America and to challenge them on how to respond in the face of adversity.


A CLA representation in your church is a factual look at the work and ministry of the Christian Law Association but it is much more. After hearing the presentation you and your people will indeed have a clear understanding of who CLA is, why she exists and how she functions. However the presentation is far from sterile and detached from your church.

Right away your church will find itself right in the middle of the presentation. The information is about us and our church. Legal activity is at work in America that affects us and our church. Somebody here may be doing something (or failing to do something) that could get us into serious legal trouble including a lawsuit. A lawsuit impacts the entire church, not only the leadership. Ignorance of the law and failure to take the right steps could cost us: all of our money and property. Under certain circumstances it could get into our personal pockets. The representations I give are quite specific about areas where legal attacks are most likely. They are also specific about how vulnerable many churches are. Yes! My CLA representations are far, far more than a somewhat impersonal report. They get right into the gearbox of the church. They are specific, positive and helpful.


Mrs. Hutson almost always travels with me. With the pastor’s permission, we set up a CLA resource and book table. We offer many great books and resource materials. We are able to explain each one and offer them at special savings.


I spent 52 years of my life preaching God’s Word as a Senior Pastor. I was pastor at my last church for 33 years. Since June 2009 I have represented CLA in over 200 churches in 16 states. You may listen to several of my sermons on this website.


Those who would like to schedule me for a CLA representation should contact the CLA office in Mason, Ohio.

To schedule an appointment call:

  • CLA office – 800-CLA-1969

You may schedule an appointment by e-mail:

Pastor Hutson preaching for CLA at the First Baptist Church in Benson, Arizona