A Heart To Help

This is my first blog. Bear with me. My heart is to help. In the days ahead it will be my effort to say things and offer insight that will bless, encourage and help you. God has been so gracious in giving me a lifetime in His service. He saved me by His grace when I was 13. Before my 14th birthday He called me into the gospel ministry for which I thank Him.  My entire adult life has been in the service of the great God of this Universe – my God. He afforded me the privilege being a pastor for 52 years. I now represent the Christian Law Association nationwide. I also preach revivals, conduct seminars, write books and speak in many churches.


I do not claim to have arrived; I am still a work-in-progress – still a student. I will be a servant until the day I go to heaven, never a Master. I want love to be my strongest characteristic, real godly love, the Agape love of God. When people see and get to know me, my deepest desire is that they will see true, genuine humility and selflessness. I want bystanders to see the character of Jesus Christ in me. I do not want the true meaning of Christian to be lost on me. Yes! I want them to see it. God forbid that they would not know short of me telling them.


I have no experience at blogging; I do have something to say. I am a long, long way from knowing it all or from knowing all about anything. The years have taught me some things. Some of them will appear in these blogs. You may or may not agree. Whether you do or don’t, I will still love you and want true friendship with you. Your feedback will help me do a better job and that is my desire. For a long time my life’s motto has been Routine Excellence. I think God always deserves our best. In all things! At all times! I want these blogs to be good and honoring to God. I hope they will bless you too.


Sometimes they will be personal. Obviously this first attempt is quite personal. Some of them will be nostalgic. I suspect I will do lots of preaching here; it is in my system and I don’t think preaching is bad – even when it is preaching but it doesn’t seem like a sermon. Politics will doubtless make it into these blogs. After all I am an American and mighty proud and thankful that I am. As an individual I have every right to speak up and every one of God’s people ought to speak up! Our Christian silence is costing us dearly. I for one am not ashamed to be an American. I’m free and glad I am. I don’t intend to stand by in silence and let freedom die on my watch. Some of these blogs may provoke you. I hope they do. The issues addressed in these blogs will not all be political. Somebody needs to speak up for morality. God is still right – about sex, money, child-rearing, gambling, hard work, preaching, education and everything else.


I don’t mind telling you that I am committed to the Bible. I have a personal relationship with God through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is my personal Savior. He governs my life; His Word is my guide. I am pro-God and pro-Bible. To the best of my ability I take His side on everything – hopefully with genuine love. These blogs will reflect my views but behind all of them will be the Bible. I am a preacher. I represent the Christian Law Association. Most of all I represent the God of heaven and earth – the only real God there is. I am first and foremost His representative, His ambassador.


Thank you for reading this blog. There are more to come, about one new one each week. I’d like to hear from you. Thank you too for visiting my website. I hope you find it to be a blessing.